Dark Clouds Board Meeting

The Board of Directors’ next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 9th at 6:30pm in the back room at Black Hart in St. Paul. You can read the agenda for the meeting at the conclusion of the minutes below.

The meeting is open to the public.

Dark Clouds Board of Director Meeting Minutes


June 9, 2019

Black Hart of Saint Paul

Board Members: 

Present: Sam Solberg, Nach Karnik, David Zeller, Andy Reierson, Andrew Bruski, Meagan Weber, Andrew Beck, Zoey Peterson

Phone: Maggi Heyer-Erlandson                                                                                       

Absent: Jake Chalcraft, Ben Krouse-Gagne, David Martin

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 4:20pm by Sam Solberg

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from 5/23/19 were approved unanimously.

Reports of Officers and Committees

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Merch down 5% from last year
  • Membership up 10% from last year
  • Revenue overall up 1.5% from last year 
  • Committee Updates

– Partnerships (David Zeller): 

  • Focusing on women/minority owned business partners
  • Creating spreadsheet of all partners

 –  Merch (Andrew Bruski): 

  • Pride summer scarf sold 100 pre pride game
  • $625 from Pride scarves to go to Avenues for Homeless Youth
  • Current presales – Wonderwall FTW shirts
  • New koozie and presale shirt to come for July

 –  Matchday (Maggi Heyer-Erlandson): 

  • Matchday town hall meeting to include all WW, plus a DC specific meeting
  • 1 large flag trimmed. Second to follow 
  • Possible flag sale with merch (Andy Reireson will submit designs)
  • Big flags are at Allianz, still need to be trimmed
  • Prideraiser for Avenues for Homeless Youth up to $430 per goal

 –  Membership (Andrew Beck):  

  • Working on season tickets and scarf quantities for next season
  • Dark Cloud Academy tbd

–  Silver Lining (Meagan Weber):

  • 501c3 by end of June
  • Neighborhood clean up on 5/26/19 received good feedback from neighbors
  • Event lead to work on follow up after event
  • World Cup street fair to have DC table

Old Business

  • Community Benefit Fund
  • Unanimous approval of letter
  • Letter is completed and will be presented to other SGs to sign
  • Revised Bylaws 
  • Andrew Beck submitted revised language regarding conflict of interest between serving on the WW board when serving on the DC board
  • Nach Karnik suggested to add that all conflicts of interest should be disclosed at first board meeting
  • Motion to vote for Andrew Beck’s amendments with the addition of Nach Karnik’s suggesting was unanimously approved
  • Ratify Bylaws
  • Motion to ratify bylaws with the revised additions was unanimously approved

New Business

  • Dark Clouds Branding
  • Started discussion on if board feels that the DC branding is working. 
  • Possible survey of members and/or town hall meeting asking our members would like to see regarding branding
  • Board to plan strategic thought process regarding logo and branding
  • Member’s Feedback/Involvement
  • Continue to talk and meet new members
  • Gather feedback from Dark Clouds Academy

Open to Board

  • There was a discussion surrounding sexual harassment within the WW, as there has been incident(s) that need to be further looked in to. The board passed along the information to Wonderwall and they will be conducting an investigation.

Set Date for Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 6:30pm


  • Meeting was adjourned at 6pm by Sam Solberg

Dark Clouds Board of Director Meeting Agenda 7/9/19


Black Hart of Saint Paul

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes

BoD meeting minutes on 6/9/19

Reports of Officers and Committees

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Andy Reireson
  2. Committee Updates 

Old Business

Update on Action Items from 6/9/19

  • Flag pre-order designs to merch – Andy Reireson
  • Dark Cloud Academy (date,time, place) – Andrew Beck
  • Post updated bylaws – 
  • CBF letter signed and submitted – David Zeller
  1. Branding/Merchandising
  2. WW conduct Update 

New Business

  1. DC merch presence on stadium super block
  2. Summit Brewing Co.

Open to Board

Set Date for Next Meeting

Completed by: Zoey Peterson, Dark Clouds Secretary 6/17/19

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