For years the Dark Clouds have made great efforts to create a welcoming, inclusive culture around soccer in Minnesota. The mission Dark Clouds members adhere to repudiates sexism, xenophobia, racism, and bigotry of any kind within the spaces we inhabit.

In a recent statement, we stood with the members of the Independent Supporters Council and the Timbers Army in expressing concern over the language in the new MLS Code of Conduct, including defining the term “political” and an official appeals process. We were thus disappointed to see in a post that the Timbers Army has been prevented by the Portland Timbers front office from displaying a symbol that signifies the fight against fascism: the Iron Front logo.

The Dark Clouds have looked on with alarm at the rise of incidents of white supremacist violence like those seen in Charlottsville and New York City. Lest Major League Soccer and its teams feel the problem is one they are insulated from, there are already documented cases of white nationalists (including those present at the two incidents mentioned above) using fascist imagery attending league matches.

In this atmosphere, we feel it is critical for supporters groups, teams and the league itself to be absolutely clear about their repudiation of white nationalism and fascism without any ambiguity in messaging. Thus, we support the Timbers Army in their stand and echo their stand as a “unquestionably and vocally an anti-fascist and anti-racist organization.”

You can read the Timbers Army’s post on this topic by clicking here.

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