Daniel Mick Photography - Big Flag over Capo Stand

Daniel Mick Photography - Big Flag over Capo Stand




NYCFC, try not to cry in envy.

We have a lot of events in the works, starting with the pre-match party at Black Hart.

Pre-Match Party at Black Hart

Because this is a bit of a special occasion, Black Hart will be pulling all the stops.

In addition to the normal $1 off drinks special for card-carrying Wonderwall members, there will be multiple food trucks spotted up in the parking lot, including some NSC throwback favorites.

The party starts at 11am, with Dark Clouds leaving for the march to the match at 2:00PM.

March to the Match

This is a march you won’t want to miss. The Dark Clouds will depart from Black Hart at 2:00pm and follow the route above to the meeting point on Sprucetree Lane, just above the great lawn at Allianz Field.

Once we’re all spun up with our fellow supporter friends, we’ll march from Sprucetree Lane to the Bell Bank entrance at 2:30pm. 

For those of you worried about missing out on a good spot up front by participating in the march to the match, don’t worry. Allianz field will be holding parts of the supporters section for those of us participating in the march.

The Dark Clouds and friends from Dark Glitterati and Red Loons will holding it down in sections 22 and 23 (as noted in the image above).


The match kicks off at 4:00pm, with a gigantic tifo display commemorating the occasion just after the national anthem. During tifo deployment (if applicable)  please don’t punch or yank on the tifo as it’s deployed–we don’t want it to rip.

As noted above, the Dark Clouds and Dark Glitterati will be hanging out in sections 22 and 23 and areas of those two sections will be held for people participating in the march to the match. (You can view the seating chart for the stadium by clicking here.)

In addition to all the normal, awesome, flags, you’ll also notice smoke-flares used during specific points of the match. As a reminder, these devices are to only be used on the capo stands and only by trained capos.

Additional Information

The team’s A-Z Guide for the stadium which includes entry restrictions can be viewed by clicking here.

In addition to the code of conduct to which we hold ourselves, Major League Soccer has instituted a league-wide code of conduct that applies to all matches. You can read the code of conduct, here.

To help speed up entrance to the stadium, be sure to adhere to the clear bag policy for Allianz Field.

Flags and Musical Instruments

Flags are welcome in the supporters section. All flags must be approved by the team at the supporters entrance before they may be carried into the stadium. You can read full rules on flags and banners under the supporters section in the guide, here.

Musical Instruments must be pre-approved by the Dark Clouds prior to gameday. Please e-mail us at info (at) dark-clouds.com to request approval to bring in an instrument.

Do not wave flags or play instruments in the concourses. This will result in your flag or instrument being taken away. Flags and musical instruments may only be waved or played in the supporters section.

Tifo Instructions

When tifo (a large banner held over a large part of the section) is being deployed, please pass/unroll material backwards to people/row behind you. If you see a tifo rolled up in the front of the section, please make sure you stand behind, not in front of, the banner to allow the tifo team to deploy.

Once the banner is up, please do not wave, pull, punch, or hit the banner from underneath. Tifo looks best when it is laying as flat as possible. If you shake or hit it, it tends to make it harder to see.

Please follow capo and tifo crew’s directions for taking down the tifo so it can be easily re-folded.

Post-Match Party

While it’s not an official Dark Clouds post-match party, our partner, Black Hart, will be hosting Goalies and Girlies at 10pm on Saturday, April 13th.

Remember to show your electronic ticket for free entry to Goalies and Girlies at 10pm.

Drink specials will run all night long.


Pre-match Party 

March to the Match 

  • WHO: Dark Clouds, Wonderwall and Friends
  • WHAT: March to the Match

— 2pm Black Hart to Sprucetree Lane

— 2:30pm Sprucetree Lane to Bell Bank Entrance

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