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Zlatan the capo hunter is coming back to town, and we want everybody to practice their Swedish insults.

Memorize these and we’ll see you at Black Hart on Wednesday at 4:00pm for the pre-match party.

1. STOLPSKOTT – Post-shot
2. DUMSKALLE – Dumb-skull
3. TRÄSKALLE – Wood-skull
4. FÅRSKALLE – Sheep-skull
5. FJANT – Person who is ridiculous

March to the Match

There will be no formal march to the match this week for the Dark Clouds. 

Additional Information

The team’s A-Z Guide for the stadium which includes entry restrictions can be viewed by clicking here.

In addition to the code of conduct to which we hold ourselves, Major League Soccer has instituted a league-wide code of conduct that applies to all matches. You can read the code of conduct, here.

To help speed up entrance to the stadium, be sure to adhere to the clear bag policy for Allianz Field.

Flags and Musical Instruments

Flags are welcome in the supporters section. All flags must be approved by the team at the supporters entrance before they may be carried into the stadium. You can read full rules on flags and banners under the supporters section in the guide, here.

Musical Instruments must be pre-approved by the Dark Clouds prior to gameday. Please e-mail us at info (at) dark-clouds.com to request approval to bring in an instrument.

Do not wave flags or play instruments in the concourses. This will result in your flag or instrument being taken away. Flags and musical instruments may only be waved or played in the supporters section.


  • WHO: Dark Clouds and Friends
  • WHAT: MINvLA Match Day
  • WHEN: Pre-match Party at 4:00pm | Kickoff at 7pm
  • WHERE: Black Hart & Allianz Field

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