Dark Clouds Academy 2017

The Dark Clouds Board of Directors election is now open, and will remain open until 11:59pm on Monday, March 4th.  

Remember, you can cast one vote per Dark Clouds Membership that you own (i.e. if you have two tickets in the section and each ticket is affiliated with the Dark Clouds,you have two votes).

Please make sure to enter the exact email and name your tickets/membership are under for each vote (even if it is for someone else, like a partner). We verify each vote and the names and emails submitted need to match or the vote will be thrown out.

When placing your vote, you can select up to four candidates (You can learn more about the candidates here). The top four voted candidates will be elected to the Dark Clouds Board of Directors and will then be designated into the four open executive positions.

If you have any questions about the election, or election process, please email us at info@dark-clouds.com

Ready to cast your vote?

Click here to submit your ballot(s).

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