Daniel Mick Photo - Capo Stand

Through 40 games, 81 yellow cards and 8 red cards the Dark Clouds Charity Card Club has raised a (record) total of $6,520.10 for local charities.

The Dark Clouds would like to thank all the people who pledged their donations throughout the season for their support.

As most of the participants know, the donations are broken up across the season–with donations of varying amounts going to various organizations. Let’s take a look at the breakdown thus far;

We’re currently collecting the pledges that make up the remaining $233.60.

But just because the season is ending doesn’t mean that we’re done with our efforts. We’re setting an even more ambitious goal for our first season at Allianz, and we want you all to join us.

If you want to get involved with the Dark Clouds Charity Card Club–whether it’s via personal contributions or outreach–contact us at info@dark-clouds.com and we’ll be in touch.

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