Dark Clouds State Fair

The Dark Clouds are headed to the Great Minnesotan Get-Together, and they need your help.

Volunteers for this event will be selling merchandise, handing out magnets, and answering questions about the Dark Clouds mission to fair-goers.

Volunteers will be stationed with a representative from True North Elite at a small table in the Fan Central tent at the State Fair.

You will receive free admission to the fair. Please note there will be a mandatory training meeting the evening of Tuesday, August 21 (time/location TBD). If you cannot attend, you are responsible for contacting a Dark Clouds merch committee member to get trained in on your own.

Last minute cancellations will be responsible for passing off their ticket to their replacement. No shows will be required to reimburse Dark Clouds for their fair ticket.

There are a variety of days and times available, so be sure to get signed up here.


WHO: Dark Clouds Volunteers
WHAT: Dark Clouds Booth at State Fair
WHERE: Fan Central Tent at the Minnesota State Fair
WHEN: 8/23-8/26 and 9/1-9/3

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