Supporters Section 2018 -- Photo by Daniel Mick

When the Loons take on the Vancouver Whitecaps, Dark Clouds, True North Elite and other MNUFC Supporters Groups will be launching the Match Day Captain Initiative. This initiative aims to help maintain a comfortable and safe atmosphere for all MNUFC home matches.

As the supporters community continues to grow it is important to be more proactive in creating a positive environment for everyone who stands in our section to cheer on the Loons. All match day captains will be wearing easily identifiable pink armbands with a large black ‘C’ on them. (See below)

NOTE: match day captains are not a replacement for in-stadium security. In the event of an urgent threat, or an emergency, please seek out stadium security.

Please seek out a match day captain in the following situations:

  • A situation arises that makes you or another supporter feel unsafe, but a threat is not imminent (for imminent threats, please contact in-stadium security)
  • Another supporter is using hateful and/or racist language towards anyone
  • Someone is found sporting opposing team colors in the supporters section
  • If you have any questions about supporters groups
  • If you’re new and want to know whats going on.

We are all responsible for addressing behavior that is anyway detrimental to the supporters section. We are committed to providing leadership and support to all who stand with us and it is our hope that this will be a useful step in achieving that goal.

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