Supporters march to the match. Home opener 2017- photo from MNUFC


Away days are where the stories are made, but home matches are where the party happens.

We’ll be hosting two pre-game parties, one to accommodate the folks west of the river, and one for the folks east.

The Minneapolis pre-game party starts at 10am (you can’t drink all day if you don’t start early). We’ll be congregating at the Nomad, which will be open before 10 for some team over across the pond. The Nomad will have a kill the keg special — drink it ’til it’s gone. There will also be $5 Surly beers and a MNUFC kit giveaway beginning at 10.

The St. Paul pre-game party starts at 10am as well. Our fine friends at Lake Monster Brewing are hosting us and giving all who flash their Card of Wonder $3 select beers. As it is St. Patrick’s Day, they will also be releasing their limited edition Irish Day Stout.

Both pre-match parties will have merchandise for sale, including a limited edition Home Opener scarf, featuring some St. Paddy’s flair. You’ll also be able to pick up your membership packs (Membership Scarf and Card of Wonder) if you haven’t already.

For those not heading to one of those two spots, you can visit any of our partners on your way in, flash your card and be good to go.

Regardless of where you party pre-match we’re getting spun up as a group on the McNamara Alumni Lawn. Meet us there one hour before kickoff, we’re going to spend 15 minutes getting the hype cyclone spinning and then take off to the section. Party doesn’t stop till we sing Wonderwall.

Post match we’re all heading to Town Hall Brewery for an all supporters group get together with visiting Bridgeview Chicago Fire fans.

WHAT: Home Opener Matchday 2018 Edition
WHEN: March 17, 2018 10:00 AM
MPLS: Nomad World Pub | 501 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis
STP: Lake Monster Brewing | 550 Vandalia St #160, St. Paul

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