Idaho Juniors FC

The Dark Clouds Silver Lining, are excited to announce  that we’re partnering and offering our full support with Red Card To Racism (RCTR), a fundraiser organized by Nachiket Karnik and Bridget McDowell.    The Silver Lining is the Charitable and Community service are of the Dark Clouds, Minnesota’s largest independent soccer supporters group.

Red Card to Racism (RCTR) is a fundraiser to bring Boise-based Idaho Juniors FC (IJFC) to the 2018 USA Cup youth soccer tournament held in Blaine, Minnesota. Organized in response to racist abuse received by IJFC, the fundraiser aims to send a message of inclusion and unity to the participants and the wider world. Learn more on the RCTR’s website, or donate directly to the fundraiser.

“When I heard children as young as 9 and 10 were getting racist abuse, my mind immediately went to what lesson they would learn from this experience,” said Nachiket Karnik, co-organizer of the fundraiser. He continued “We needed an initiative to tell these children and the soccer community at large that there are far more of us fighting for inclusion and unity than are against it. Through RCTR, we want to send a message of inclusion and hope.”

Fostering an inclusive atmosphere,performing service and providing philanthropy have long been priorities for the Dark Clouds. “Partnering with RCTR is a logical extension of our organizations core values and   philosophy,” said Rich Harrison, Chairman of the Silver Lining committee. “We strive to support others and give them opportunities when they need it most. The USA Cup has a broad audience drawing local, national and international teams. This partnership shows to both adults and our youth that we lead by example and that our actions speak louder than our words.”

Come this summer, we’re looking forward to attending IJFC’s USA Cup games and supporting them as they make their way through the tournament.

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