The Dark Clouds (Photo: Jeremy Olson)

The Dark Clouds (Photo: Jeremy Olson)

A generous anonymous donor recently made an extraordinary donation to the Dark Clouds Charity Card Club (DCCC) of $20 per Yellow Card and $50 per Red Card earned by MNUFC players.

The DCCC is an initiative of Dark Clouds Silver Lining which allows individuals to pledge donations tied to cards earned by MNUFC players during matches. Each card earned nets a donation for a worthy cause.

The anonymous donor said of their pledge:
“One thing I wanted for this (donation) was to bring disadvantaged kids to see the games.”

Minnesota United FC have provided a matching grant, alongside this donor’s pledge to enable a total of 120 tickets to be distributed to the Somali-American Youth Enrichment Club (SAYEC) for the remaining three home matches, allowing members of our community who would otherwise not be able to attend, to experience a MNUFC match day.

The Dark Clouds would like to offer their thanks to both the anonymous donor and to MNUFC for their donations. This joint effort between supporters and their team is a perfect illustration of the power of soccer to build communities and empower the disadvantaged.

Would you like to participate and help build communities around soccer in Minnesota? Please consider signing up and pledging any amount to the Dark Clouds Charity Card Club.

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