Dark Clouds Flag (Photo: Daniel Mick)

Recently we started discussions with MNUFC to attempt to clarify the team’s policy on tifo and its enforcement. The Dark Clouds membership confirmed in our recent member survey that they believe expressions of socio-political beliefs are part of a vibrant, united supporters community. At the moment we’re unable to display these inside the stadium. Thus we’ve decided to use a portion of the funds allocated for in-stadium displays to fund community building outside the stadium.

While we continue discussions with the team on tifo policy, we’ll be donating $2,000 previously budgeted for tifo to the Philando Castile Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship was created by Philando’s classmates and is managed by the Saint Paul Central High School Foundation.

Donating funds to the Philando Castile Memorial Scholarship fits the Dark Clouds’ mission of serving and building communities and fostering inclusivity, particularly given Philando’s contributions to the neighborhood in which United will soon be playing.

We’d also like to encourage our members to attend the Central Honors Philando event this coming Sunday (August 20th) between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm. The event is a celebration of Philando’s life and is an opportunity for community-building, peaceful dialogue, and healing. There will be live music at the event will also help raise funds for the scholarship. The event will be at the Dunning Rec Center parking lot, next door to Central High School. Hope you can join us!

Information on Central Honors Philando event
Information on Central Honors Philando event

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