Dark Clouds at MNUFC vs RSL. (Photo: Daniel Mick)

Dark Clouds at MNUFC vs RSL. (Photo: Daniel Mick)

This historic Minnesota United season is off to a great start. No matter the result, I’m sure you’ve heard the Dark Clouds passionately supporting United (either in person or over the broadcast). Where Minnesota United goes, Dark Clouds follow.

We’re excited to be supporting the team we’ve loved for years (decades in some cases) — now at American soccer’s highest level. We’re looking forward to sharing that with you and developing the most passionate supporters section in the entire league.

Those of you on the fence about purchasing season tickets, now’s the time to jump off. Those of you who have been contemplating bringing your friends, now is the time to extend that invitation. Now is the time to become a supporters’ section season ticket holder.

Whether you’re interested in grabbing some tickets for yourself or a potential new supporter, doing so will help us realize this goal by increasing the size of our supporter’s section as we loudly cheer on our boys in blue (or rather off-gray) at each home game.

Click here to purchase a MNUFC season ticket (be sure to snag one in the supporter’s section: 123 – 127).

With your supporters section season ticket, you get a Dark Clouds membership, which gets you a membership card to flash at a number of local businesses for discounts, and a member-exclusive scarf to wear on matchday — regardless of the temperature. Not only do you get all of the member benefits, but it costs less per game to join the supporters section as a season ticket holder than individual game basis, and it is one of the cheapest tickets you can buy. (Plus, you can probably still snag a spot in the Itasca Society, which comes with a coin (no monetary value))

Enough about home matchdays. Let’s talk away days.

Dark Clouds have sent MNUFC fans to each away day so far in MLS and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Away games are fun; it’s a chance to experience a different club’s matchday atmosphere, meet supporters of other [read: lesser] clubs, and travel with fellow Loons, making new friends. However, match days aren’t free, and buses don’t grow on trees.

So the Minnesota United front office has decided to step in, with a free trip and match ticket for our August 26th matchup against the Chicago Tire Fire, one of the original MLS teams and current home of aged-German superstar (and photographer) Bastian Schweinsteiger.

That’s a pretty neat deal, to be completely honest.

All we have to do is, in conjunction with our pals at True North Elite, grow our supporters section by 200 new season ticket holders between now and early June. That’s it, just 200 new friends in our section, joining us and TNE in loudly supporting United. If we can do that, every single supporters section season ticket holder, including all our new friends, will be offered a trip to Chicago (including ticket, transportation, and tailgate).

Don’t sit on the fence. Come sit stand with us in the supporters section and be part of creating the best supporters’ section in MLS and possibly enjoy a free trip to Chicago.

You can buy supporters’ section tickets online, just be sure to book in sections 123-127. That’s where the party is. You can also call and speak with a representative in the ticket office, if you’re into that sort of thing, at (763) 4SOCCER.

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