Sporting Park (Photo: Ryan Knapp)

Sporting Park (Photo: Ryan Knapp)

Big news for our bus travelers on our first ever MLS Road trip on June 3rd: You’ll get some fantastic beer and coffee with your bus ticket to KC!

Haven’t got a ticket? It’s $120 until April 30th. Goes up to $135 on May 1st. Snag yours by clicking here.

Before getting to the details, we want to thank Town Hall Brewery and Blarney Pub & Grill for helping make this trip possible! They’re the reason we’re going to have an amazing time in KC.

Town Hall Brewery and Lake Monster Brewing have also graciously agreed to provide bus riders with cans of their beer to help grease the wheels for coming up with new chants

Blackeye Roasting Co. have generously offered a keg of cold brew coffee for each bus to get you amped and ready to support your Loons!

Buy your bus ticket by clicking here.

Why take the bus?

– It’s the only way to be in the MNUFC supporter’s section at Sporting Park. We’ve got 140 total spots open and you don’t need to be a DC or TNE member to get on the bus!

It’s the easiest way to get to KC and back. No worrying about who drives (heck, there’s no driving at all!) and no sharing moldy hotel rooms. You save time by getting back to your own home by Sunday morning and there’s more space on the bus to walk around and stretch than you’ll get in a car.

Supporters pose for a group photo after a bus trip to Indy. (Photo: Jeremy Olson)
Supporters pose for a group photo after a bus trip to Indy. (Photo: Jeremy Olson)

It’s more fun. Bus trips are the best ways to get to know your fellow supporters, help make new chants, and share awesome new experiences.

Bus riders typically come back with all sorts of stories to bore their lame friends who stayed behind. And you’ll probably also make some new friends. (We even know a married couple who met each other on one of our buses!*)

*Results not typical

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our first ever MLS bus trip by clicking here!

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