Providence Park: Home of the Portland Timbers

Providence Park: Home of the Portland Timbers

We’ve re-established contact with FO folks who were on holiday break. The Timbers FO has not yet finalized the pricing for the away section at the March 3rd game. Until they do so, we cannot sell tickets. Here is what do know so far:

Away section size: About 300
If it sells out, this will be by far our largest road trip ever.

Tickets will be sold by the Dark Clouds
You will place your order through us. We’ll distribute the tickets to you.

There will be no transportation deal/coordination
We’ll leave you to make¬†your own air travel plans (or take the Amtrak Empire Builder!). Portland’s public transport is excellent so we won’t need buses there.

(PS. If you’re an airline and want to talk sponsorship, let us know!)

We’re exploring a limited housing option
For this trip, we’re looking into booking a small ~10 person hostel/house to host a small contingent of travelers. Most people would find their own housing. If we take this route, you’d have the option to purchase it at the time you bought your ticket.

Estimated date of sale: Unknown
We can’t offer anything for sale until we have the ticket pricing. As soon as we receive it, we’ll give you a head’s up.


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    1. Hi Moira,

      We’re still waiting on the Timbers to release ticket prices so we can start selling them to you. As soon as we know the price, we’ll put them on sale.

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