Dark Clouds and True North Elite at Indy in 2016 (Photo: Jeremy Olson)

Dark Clouds and True North Elite at Indy in 2016 (Photo: Jeremy Olson)

Away tickets for March 3rd Portland vs MNUFC are priced at $42 per head (+ fees). Tickets are open to all MNUFC fans traveling to Portland. The only limit in place is the size of the section at Providence Park.

Tickets will be emailed to you as a PDF file about 3-4 days before the match. At the time of purchase it is very important you provide an e-mail address that you check regularly.

Please note: Tickets are purchased in a bulk order from the respective away team front office approximately one week before match day. Unfortunately, our system limits us from sending the tickets immediately after you purchase them. We thank you for your patience.

Traveling supporters sections are treated as general admission even if tickets contain seat numbers. As standing, singing, chanting and flag waving are the norm in our supporter sections, your view may be blocked at times. Our own code of conduct applies at all times in addition to any other codes/rules imposed by the home team.

Stay tuned for more information such as tailgate locations and other information for the trip.

Click here to purchase your ticket to Portland Timbers vs MNUFC in Portland.

PS. Since somebody will ask; The Dark Clouds are not making any money off this sale.

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