Flags over the Dark Clouds section (Photo: Jeremy Olson)

Flags over the Dark Clouds section (Photo: Jeremy Olson)

In partnership with the Sanneh Foundation, we’re organizing a group trip to Haiti to take part in the Haitian Initiative program there. Participants will have the opportunity to work in the school there while experiencing the culture of Haiti. Please visit the Haitian Initiative page to read about the program and see some of the sights from previous trips.

From that page you will see that there are cost obligations. Each participant will be asked to contribute their own airfare plus $800 to fund the program. The Dark Clouds will match your contribution up to $400. Individuals are encouraged to raise additional money for their trip from friends and family using a platform such as GoFundMe. All told, with airfare around $700, each person will need about $1,100 for the trip. Other than incidentals such as special laundry service or tips, all other expenses are covered.

All contributions, including airfare, are tax deductible.

One of the goals this year is to establish the program as a Silver Lining standard. We’re looking for at least six participants, but more is most certainly better. If you’re interested, please start by completing the form at the bottom of the Haitian Initiative page linked above and indicate that you are with a group. Then send us a line at silver-lining@dark-clouds.com so we can coordinate with you. We’ll be asking for a $200 non-refundable (but tax deductible) deposit by December 15 to lock people in. But before that, we can talk and get all of your questions answered. Please do get in touch even if you are not certain yet, or if you are interested in joining us next year.

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