Dark Clouds over Target Field (Photo courtesy Jeremy Olson)

Dark Clouds over Target Field (Photo courtesy Jeremy Olson)

You don’t need to wait till 2018 to experience soccer in the city with the Dark Clouds chants booming through downtown Minneapolis!

Minnesota United FC play Club León at Target Field in just over a week! We’re really excited to join the club in celebrating this event on June 25th. And who isn’t excited to see Miguel Ibarra again?

Snag your Dark Clouds section tickets for the Club León friendly:

  1. Go to the MNUFC tickets site by clicking this link right here
  2. Enter the promo code ‘UNITEDSUPPORTERS16‘ in the box where it says ‘Password’ and hit ‘Log In’
  3. Snag your ticket!

And boom! You’re all set to stand with the Clouds at Target Field in June! That was easy right?

Extract from the seating map released by Target Field.
Extract from the seating map. Click to enlarge. The full map can be found here.

The Dark Clouds have been assigned general admission in sections 128 – 131 that are behind the goal, out by left field. We’ve looked at the sight lines and they’re good!

So come on down and join us at Target Field on June 25th! It’s going to be a blast and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

(Featured Image Courtesy Jeremy Olson)

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