(Photo Courtesy Jeremy Olson)

(Photo Courtesy Jeremy Olson)

The Dark Clouds would like to re-state our support for Minnesota United FC’s privately funded soccer stadium plan. We call on our membership to attend the March 2nd Saint Paul City Council Public Hearing to allow city councilmembers to see the massive community support for this stadium.

As Minnesota’s largest independent soccer supporters group, the Dark Clouds were pleased to hear of Minnesota United FC’s decision to invest in a privately funded soccer stadium in Saint Paul. Our excitement has risen since the stadium renderings and the plans to redevelop the surrounding land were released.

On Wednesday March 2nd, the Saint Paul City Council will vote on agreements that will help make the construction of this privately funded stadium possible. We call on our fellow Dark Clouds and soccer fans from around the state to show their support for the stadium by attending the Saint Paul City Council’s public hearing. We’re confident that after hearing their views the city council will not be able to ignore the immense support for the construction of this privately funded stadium.

To accommodate our members’ civic engagement, we have pushed back programming at a previously scheduled event. The program at our annual Supporters Summit held at the Summit Brewing Company will begin after our members have had a chance to return from this city council hearing. Thanks to this change the two events will not overlap and Dark Clouds will not miss out on the Supporters Summit by attending the hearing.

“Dark Clouds should make their voices heard at this meeting,” said Dark Clouds President Jim Oliver. “Whether it’s to simply voice your support the stadium effort or provide specific feedback about bikeability, nearby development, funding or any other facet of the redevelopment, we know Dark Clouds have been dreaming and thinking about this deal for years. Come let the council know what you think.”

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