Yesterday, the Dark Clouds were dismayed to see reports emerge that Major League Soccer might ask Minnesota United FC (MNUFC) to drop the ‘United’ moniker from the team’s name. As the largest independent soccer supporters group in Minnesota, we stand opposed to any potential name change.

The Dark Clouds know all too well the upheaval and confusion that can be brought on by the change in our team’s names. We’ve supported our club through four different changes in name, logo or a combination of the two since 2008.

Since MNUFC’s arrival we’ve enjoyed a measure of stability and come to deeply identify with our team’s identity. From the chants we sing to the banners we hold up, the word “United” has become synonymous with top-level professional soccer in this state.

“The progress our club has made under the Minnesota United banner in the past four years has been dramatic and inspiring,” said Dark Clouds President Jim Oliver.

“Forcing a rebrand will do nothing to diminish our support for the club, but we do think it shows profound disrespect for all that progress and the work it took to achieve it.”

“We support our club by any name and in any league, and having supported a soccer club that has changed identities and leagues several times, we think renaming this club is a mistake.”

“Regardless, we’re still going to call ourselves the Dark Clouds because damn the man. The less context the better”, Oliver said.

We hope that Major League Soccer changes its mind, and that our team will retain the “United” moniker as we transition to that league. We encourage MLS, its commissioner, and the MLS Board of Governors to hear those of us who represent independent soccer fans in this state and drop the topic of a name change for MNUFC.

We urge Dark Clouds to contact Major League Soccer and express your dissatisfaction with any potential name change for our team. By doing so we can convey to MLS that fans of pro soccer in Minnesota, stand United in our support for MNUFC’s identity.

Please address letters to:

Major League Soccer

420 Fifth Ave, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10018

MLS can be reached on Twitter using ‘@MLS’. You can also leave feedback on Facebook at

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