The Section At NSC In 2015

The Section At NSC In 2015

While the Dark Clouds might be the dominant or at least the most established presence at the National Sports Center, we’re interested in helping bring new voices to the section. If you and your friends want to bring a new look, a new voice, or a new language to the organized supporter culture in Minnesota, we want to help you to make sure we’re all pulling in the same direction. To do that, we’ve worked with Minnesota United to create the Dark Cloud Affiliate program.

Affiliate organizations just need to register a charter with the Dark Clouds with the names of 5 or more Dark Clouds season ticketholders and a description of what and why the group exists. Do you and your college buddies from Dortmund want to build tifos like on the Yellow Wall? Do you and your neighbors in Saint Paul want to make a uniquely Mac/Groveland crew with shirts and scarves to show your pride? We can help.

Affiliation means the club will recognize your group on their website and in their marketing, and entitles you to petition the Dark Clouds board for support. Maybe that’s connections to our merch suppliers and our volume pricing. Maybe that’s advice on tifo construction. Maybe you just want to party with us. Let’s do it.

If you have questions or you’d like to submit a charter, please just email

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