Maybe you’ve noticed this too, but we’ve added a few fans this season. With what’s coming in the future, we need more people to get involved to help make the Dark Clouds a well oiled, functioning machine. How can I help? For starters, attend our volunteer recruitment drive! We’ll have members of the Board of Directors on hand explaining what you can do to get involved. In particular, we need people to help out with making our gameday experience go off without a hitch, help designing and displaying tifo, and merchandise design and shipping.You can also just show up and find out what works for you.   With your help, we can make this weird thing we got going great. If you are interested in helping, please sign up. First drink is on us!  We’ll feed you too.

  • What: Dark Clouds Volunteer Recruitment Shindig
  • Where: Nomad World Pub | Minneapolis
  • When: Saturday, August 15th, 3pm
  • Why: We want to get you involved
  • Who: Anyone interested in helping out the Dark Clouds

Sign up now!


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