Where: Surly Brewing’s new Beer Hall and Event Center in MPLS.
When: 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Monday, March 2nd
Every year we come together as supporters to set some goals and start working together to do cool stuff for the upcoming season.  You can drink beer, hear from the board and share your ideas.  This year we are holding the event at Surly Brewing’s new beer hall in Minneapolis:  (Map!)
Surly was kind enough to host this event and will have two beers for you. We will be meeting in the Scheid Hall event center.  There is food available in the downstairs beer hall but you cannot bring that food up into the hall.  The location is open to fans of all ages (free Surly only available to those who are 21 or over.)
This year’s summit will be focusing on updating everyone on the reorganization of the corporate structure of the Dark Clouds, reviewing last years accomplishments, setting up goals for the 2015 season, and board elections.
Notes from the Supporters Summit @ Surly, 3/2/15

Greetings, etc. 12 years running. 123 people RSVP’d.

What is the supporter’s summit? It’s a chance for people to get engaged in whatever way is good for them.

Thank you to Surly for providing the space!

Rundown of ways for people to get involved.

Talk about reorganization – from LLC to General Benefit Corporation (b-corp.)

“Imagination fails me as to what we could do that would be even stupider” -Jim Oliver

The 2015 Scarf – “Be Here Now.” Let’s stop worrying about what’s going to happen in the future (MLS) and just enjoy the now.

Silver Lining – Rich – Started from Surly Gives a Damn.  The Dark Clouds did three events last year. ( Second Harvest Meals for Minds – 36 hours of work. Free Bikes for Kids. Sanneh Foundation.)  Shooting for eight a year. Call for ideas and help.

Jim Oliver – What is membership? GA section, anyone can join. Point of membership is to be supportive. Season Ticket partnership with the team.

2015 Directors. These people were voted to be on the board of directors. * indicates not present:

  • Brandon – Merch
  • Doreen – Tifo
  • Rich – Silver Lining
  • Sunny – Marketing
  • Daniel – Events
  • Joe – Tech
  • KJ – Travel
  • Andy – Finance
  • Nach and Rob – Gameday Operations
  • Neal – Ombudsman*
  • Kyle – Intramurals*
  • Brad – Bus Guy
  • Lindsey – Membership
  • Wes – Words*

Bruce – Northern Pitch launching soon.

MN United Owner Dr. Bill McGuire and Team President Nick Rogers addressed the room.

Break out sessions begin.

Meeting adjourned.

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