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On the cold, northern edge of the country, there is a team that wins trophies, fans who rewrite Kylie Minogue songs, and a grown man dressed as a Loch Ness Monster. Soccer culture in Minnesota is unlike any other, made of the sort of black sheep fandom that celebrates the weird, the improvised, and the sardonic.

In 2014, Minnesota United FC traveled to England for a work out, they beat a team from the Best League in the World(TM), they won trophies, and they broke all the rules of what lower-division soccer teams should be. This book chronicles that year, on and off the pitch. It is the story of a team and it is the story of its fans.

The first annual The Complete Darkness looks back at each match, each player, and the news of the year. We get an up-close and personal look at Assistant Coach Carl Craig, insight into how the Loons built a Brazilian contingent, and how a team dominated the North American Soccer League.

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