Just keep driving until you see this sign.

We haven’t been great about announcing these in the past year or so, but we’re turning over a new leaf. Board meetings tend to come together when we have a critical mass of decisions that need to be made about spending money or assigning someone to talk to a sponsor or group of people, but we’re going to do better letting people know they’re happening so that you can come listen in or offer help if you can.

Our first Board Meeting of 2014 will be to address things like our February Supporters’ Summit, spinning up new sponsorship opportunities, and some of our early-year marketing and communication responsibilities. If you have some help you want to volunteer, some beers you want to buy board members, or just want to get a better sense of how the DC trigger-pulling happens, feel free to drop by Grumpy’s.

What: DC Exec Board Meeting
When: High Noon, Sunday January 26th
Where: Grumpy’s Bar (Downtown Minneapolis)

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