We are on the verge of a new season; a season where we defend our championship. The “team that nobody wanted” or, better stated, the team that only WE wanted. We, the Dark Clouds, support the team in sunshine and rain (we love the rain games!), during the winning streaks and the low times, through injuries and health. Yes, it sounds a bit like we’re married to the team, but that’s what being a soccer fan is about. We LOVE this game. We are men and women, young and old, of all colors, creeds, and income brackets, united by our love of the game and our team.

We think of them as ‘our’ team, and they are perhaps more so than a first division side would be, because we can talk to them. We can take photos with them after the games. We can stop in and watch practice.

We spend our time, our money and our talents to create songs, banners, t-shirts, scarves and more to support our team. We stand and sing and chant whether they win or lose. Because we love our team.

Join us. You are welcome, you know. The season is about to kick off on April 7th at the Metrodome. The NASL Champion Minnesota Stars face the ‘regular season champion’ (on points) Carolina RailHawks.

We’ll be in the parking lot, tailgating before the game. We’ll be in section 101 during the game. Come see us, join in. You can’t miss us, because we love our team.

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