Becoming a card-carrying member of the Dark Clouds is the best way you
can help your fellow DCs ensure that every Stars game is better than
the last. 100% of membership dues are used to fund DC activity that
improves atmosphere on game days, increase participation among fans,
and make playing at the NSC an intimidating prospect for visiting
teams. That means we use your money for things like tacos, fireworks,
banners, and community engagement through charitable giving.

Being a dues-paying Dark Cloud means you’re supporting soccer and
taking CONCRETE steps toward growing fan culture in the Twin Cities
and greater Minnesota. But there are plenty of benefits other than
just the warm fuzzies and the better parties on game day!

For your $35 your member benefits include (SO FAR!)

  • $20 credit good for Dark Cloud merchandise!
  • 10% off at Northern Brewer!
  • 10% off at MSFC online store!
  • Discounted participation in the MSFC Fantasy Camp!
  • $2 off GA tickets when you buy from us on game day!
  • Free membership in Bricks Craft Club ($25 value)!

Plus, the DC board is constantly working to expand these benefits with
partner organizations, area businesses, and the Stars front office.
And we won’t just hold off those benefits to try to get you to sign up
next year. Once we get the support of a community or business partner,
as a card-carrying Dark Cloud you’re entitled to that benefit the
minute we make the agreement!

Sign up now!

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