See here, the 2012 Dark Clouds supporters scarf.

2012 Dark Clouds supporters scarf side 1
2012 Dark Clouds supporters scarf side 2

It’s just a digital mock up, but rest assured that it has been sent off to the manufacturer in Poland, and they are working on them as we speak. We’re still hoping for delivery before April 7, but the delivery date may slip.

So what’s this Nuts Of A Warrior all about? Just watch this video of MN Stars FC’s Simone Bracalello walking to the pitch before the NASL final in Fort Lauderdale last year.

Wait, what about that Surly logo? We’ll have more to say about that next week. In fact, we’ll have a lot of things to say next week. Watch, @MNDarkClouds on Twitter, or for more announcements in the coming days.

We’ll have the scarf for sale for $20 on the web site and before each MN Stars home match in the tailgating area. Of course, you can use your Dark Clouds membership merch voucher to get yours.

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