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Board of Directors

Andy Wattenhofer

I remember the Dark Clouds before we were the Dark Clouds. We made a flag with the cloud on it, and soon the FO was telling us that people were complaining about those mean dark cloud people setting a bad example for kids. We owe those complainers not just for coming up with a name for us, but also for endorsing us in the best way possible. In the past 12 years, I think we’ve doubled in size every year. My goal as a member of the board is to place the Dark Clouds on stable footing as we move to MLS. Sometimes I might use my business and management background to help. Sometimes I hate business and management and I want to make things fun. Ahead of us, there’s a fire hose of work to do. But we’ve got the best creativity and energy of any supporters group in the country and we can make anything happen.

John Louis

I live, breath, and eat soccer. I’ve been a United season ticket holder the past 3 years. I’ve sat with the Dark Clouds, I’ve sat with True North Elite,  and I can’t wait to hear the combined voices of all Minnesota soccer supporters cheering on our team in the MLS. I’m excited about helping the DC’S be ready and organized for the transition from the NASL to the MLS. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to represent your voice on the board.

Daniel Hills

As a Project Manager in the real world my role with the Dark Clouds revolves heavily around attempting to keep things organized. I usually keep the minutes for board and executive meetings. I am also a member of the event committee, so chances are if you’ve been to a Dark Clouds party I was the one who planned it. My goal as a board member has always been to do my best to find the perfect balance between keeping things moving forward and knowing when to party.

Jim Crist

I first got involved in the Dark Clouds by asking where the beer was at a Thunder game at the Jimmy. It was there I met the strangest, most interesting group of people I’ve ever known. People from all walks of life, brought together through supporting the local professional soccer team. The Dark Clouds can’t be compared to else, and one of my goals in leading this group is to maintain that uniqueness while enabling others to get involved and make it theirs.

Jim Oliver

I often function as the mouth of the Dark Clouds outside the section. Since I’m both an executive board member and the president of the organization, I’m often the point of contact working closely with the club, our sponsors, and some of our partners to make sure the Dark Clouds have an impact in the stadium and in the community. When there is a microphone I’m frequently the person making fun of people on it. I’m also the one that cries a little bit when you want to talk details.

Kate Thersleff

I ended up stumbling into the Dark Clouds after the friend who got me coming to games moved away.  I roped another friend into going with me to games and have now been season ticket holder for 3 years. If you have been to a tailgate there is a chance I have offered you food as I take my tailgating seriously! I am passionate about helping the Dark Clouds navigate this transition from NASL to MLS and am looking excitedly forward to the next two years.

Abe Opoti

I came to the Dark Clouds by way of a trial by fire on the capo stand and somehow never got chased away. I love the Dark Clouds for being so welcoming and it is my goal to help continue that tradition for other new members while aiding in the growth and development of the DCs into a more organized form of chaos than we are now. I am deeply involved in GameDay Ops and I also serve as VP of the local chapter of The American Outlaws, so I am open to discussions of the Loons or the USMNT and USWNT.